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Build Your Own Life-Size Replica of the 'Home Alone' House

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Want to live in the Home Alone house, but aren't ready to pony up the more than $2 million the sellers are asking? Via Gapers Block, a South Carolina-based design firm has produced plans for a replica of the home, so that families all over the world can build their very own Home Alone houses. If this thing takes off, we could have whole subdivisions of Home Alone houses. Southgate Residential has produced pre-designed plans for what they're calling "The McAllister," a house that looks virtually identical to the one at 671 Lincoln Ave. in Winnetka from the outside, but that has a slightly different floor plan from the original. But wait! If the original was good enough for Kevin and Buzz and the rest of the McCallisters, shouldn't it be good enough for the rest of us? The Winnetka home "had a somewhat convoluted ?floor plan and was predictably lacking in closet and bathroom space demanded by modern families," says the Southgate blog. So they tweaked the layout to better serve the 'modern' family.

The Home Alone house also has a third floor, and although the McAllister actually looks a little bit taller than the original (and even though there are third-floor windows in the image), they haven't posted a floorplan for the third floor. The McAllister clocks in just under 4,000 square feet, whereas the original is 4,250 square feet.
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