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Blagojevich Looking To Sell Ravenswood Manor Home

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Looking for the perfect place to sport that Rod Blagojevich mask on Halloween? The ex-Illinois Governor, recently found guilty on 17 counts of corruption, is trying to sell his Ravenswood Manor home. The house in question is a 3,817-square-foot, Mediterranean-style single-family that the Blagos bought for $505,000 in 1999. "It was an economic necessity," Blago's attorney told the press after a court hearing today. "So if anyone's watching this and is interested in a nice house in Ravenswood, contact the Blagojeviches." That, it turns out, is the only way to buy it, at least for now. The home hasn't been listed on the MLS, and the Blagos haven't announced a price. According to the Sun-Times, The Cook County Assessor had the home valued at $660,000 in 2010, and Zillow zestimates it at $834,700.
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