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Polish Triangle Pizza Hut Building Is Gone; What Will Replace It?

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A tipster wrote in yesterday to inform us that the long-empty Pizza Hut building at Ashland and Division has finally been demolished. By yesterday evening, the only thing left at the site was an idle backhoe. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Is a new building finally going to be built there? Scott Rappe from the East Village Association tells Curbed that demolition had been planned for weeks, and that the site has a new owner, but EVA hasn't seen a new building proposal yet. Earlier this year, a developer floated a proposal to build a four-story apartment building anchored with a drive-thru bank on the property. That plan never gained much traction with the community. Rappe says that EVA would prefer to see a building that approaches the height, mass and quality of the Home Bank & Trust building across the street. "We have seen a number of proposals for drive-thru banks in recent months, and sincerely hope that the new owners have something better in mind!" Rappe writes in an email. Amen.
· New Plan Floated for Ashland and Division [Curbed Chicago]