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We Have a Winner! McCaffery Interests To Redevelop Children's

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Big news in Lincoln Park: McCaffery Interests, a developer that seems hell-bent on taking over the world (or at least large parts of Chicago), has been chosen to redevelop the Children's Memorial Hospital campus in Lincoln Park. Wowzer. McCaffery won out over eight other bids to develop the highly-coveted six-acre site. According to Crain's, McCaffery is planning to build a mixed-use development that will function as the "town center" of Lincoln Park. (That wording makes it sound similar to the McCaffery's 'Market Common' developments.) According to the Sun-Times, a set of guidelines were laid out at a series of community meetings a couple of years ago requesting that the developer avoid building high-rises and preserve some of the buildings in the campus.
· Children's Memorial Hospital site redeveloper will be McCaffery Interests [Crain's]
· Children’s Memorial selling Lincoln Park site to McCaffery [Sun-Times]

Children's Memorial Hospital

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