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Pieces of Temporary Velodrome Arrive To South Side

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Dave Matthews & company have packed up and left South Works, and by most accounts, the show left a better impression than his last visit to Chicago. What's next for the 600-acre former steel plant? Ultimately, McCaffery Interests plans to build an enormous new community there, but in the immediate future, the main attraction will be a temporary velodrome. An anonymous tipster sent along this photo earlier this week, announcing that the first shipment of construction materials had arrived. Emanuele Bianchi is the man with the velodrome plan, and in late 2013 he hopes to build a sleek indoor velodrome facility that would include a restaurant, an Olympic-size pool and a volleyball court. McCaffery appears to be on board with the plan, but the group will have to raise $45 million for it to be realized. According to the Chicago Velo Campus website, the target date for the temporary track to open is the first week of August.
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