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Price Falls on Another Suburban Castle Compound

Building a huge, hulking medieval castle on your property is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, so long as it meets local building codes, and as long as you plan to live in it. If, however, you plan to sell such a strange structure (for this century and continent, at least), you may have a tough time finding a buyer. Last week, we took a look at that ginormous castle out in Oak Brook that recently got a price chop. Meanwhile, in Schaumburg, another castle property has come back on the market at a lower price. The Medieval Times lookalike, complete with gargoyles and battlements, was constructed in 1995, and the owners have been trying to sell it, along with a neighboring Tudor, since 2009. In this case, the castle isn't even the main residence; according to a Chicago mag story, the owner built the castle as a home for his mother-in-law. She apparently wasn't all that into the turreted structure, and instead chose to live in a different nearby home. The Tudor, the castle, a treehouse, and a 6-car garage sit on a 3.25-acre property next to the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve in Schaumburg. The compound was listed for $2.4 million in 2009, and it's now priced at an even $2 million.
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