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What a $4M Converted Warehouse in Lincoln Park Looks Like

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If you're like us, and you spend countless hours ogling real estate listings, you've probably noticed that many Chicago listings don't include floorplans. How frustrating! But that doesn't mean that floorplans don't exist in Chicago; the fine folks at JUST Floorplans have drawn up over 24,000,000 square feet of 'em, and they've been kind enough to share a few with us. What you have before you is the floorplan for an 8,600-square-foot converted warehouse in Lincoln Park that's been visited by the PriceChopper several times since it hit the market last fall. What we're interested in is the space, though. The roof is supported by big arched trusses, enabling the architects who converted it to a home to keep large open spaces throughout the main floor. The home is now priced at $4.19 million (down from $4.99 million). Follow the links below for an updated listing photos and a video tour of the interior.
· Listing: 2225 N. Lakewood Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]
· Beyond the Secret Garden, in Lincoln Park [Deal Estate]