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Urban Explorers Scale Under-Construction Chicago Skyscraper

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Remember those adventurous fellows who scaled the 82-story Aqua tower while it was still under construction? They aren't dead. "Not for lack of trying, though. [They've] just been keeping [their] heads down, working 9 to 5's, and being boring. Until now?" The anonymous group's latest conquest is Roosevelt University's 32-story Vertical Campus tower, which is currently under construction in the Loop. On a stormy night in late May, right around the time the building was topped off, the thrill-seekers wiggled through a gap in the construction fence and climbed up to the building's 28th floor (the storm kept them from going to the top). Why bother summiting in such inclement weather? "Rain keeps most people inside and the eyes of those who remain pointed glumly downward and away from high places," they explain on the No Promise of Safety blog.
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Roosevelt University Vertical Campus

425 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 Visit Website