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Rent METALhouse 1 in Evanston for $2,850 per Month

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One of the most distinctive homes in the Chicago area is now on the rental market. METALhouse 1, architect Andy Spatz's 2,800-square-foot, angular, aluminum-clad creation, was listed in Craigslist yesterday for $2,850 per month. A few years ago, Spatz constructed a strikingly similar home next door to this one (appropriately named "METALhouse 2"), with plans to sell the first METALhouse and live in the second. In 2008, METALhouse 1 was listed for $797,000, but it doesn't appear to have ever sold, and the listings were removed in early 2010. The METALhouse 1 website says the home features custom furniture that is specific to the space. "To the sensitive eye, one can feel how the designer moves you through the interior and frames exterior views," says the listing. But only to the sensitive eye.
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