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Own a Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Chicago for $60,000

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The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Waller Apartments have seen better days. Designed by Wright in 1895, four of the five buildings are still standing (the fifth was destroyed by fire in the '60s.) Viewed from the street, it looks like the building has an alternating pattern of light and dark brickwork, but according to one Wright blog, all the bricks on the exterior were originally the same bright-yellow color; the darker sections are just where dirt and grime has built up over decades, while the lighter sections have probably been power-washed recently. The two-story townhouse at 2848 West Walnut went into foreclosure last year, and it still has a big sheet of plywood blocking off the balcony and holes where light fixtures used to be. But even in the current state, the listing says it's "loaded with history and charachter!! [sic]." Last summer, the unit hit the market for $169,000, and after a couple of severe price chops, it was relisted last month for just $60,000.
· Listing: 2848 W. Walnut St. [Redfin]