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More Than Six Months After Groundbreaking, Green Park Eco Garage in Bucktown is Still Stuck in 'Park'

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On December 3, Gov. Pat Quinn, Secretary of State Jesse White, Ald Moreno and others put on hardhats and grinned for the cameras at the groundbreaking ceremony for Green Park™ Eco Garage, a tall, fully-automated robo-garage that promised to revolutionize the way we park our cars. VFL Development, the company behind the garage, said that the facility would be completed by fall 2011, but since the December groundbreaking ceremony, no work has been done at 1868 N. Milwaukee. The above photo was taken in mid-April, but it looks the same today, only with a lot more weeds. Does anyone know what's going on there? We've attempted to reach VFL and their PR company, but haven't managed to get through to either.
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