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Five High-Profile, High-End Homes For Rent in Chicago

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It looks like the ship has sailed on Vince Vaughn's River North townhouse, which was recently listed for rent for $8,000 per month, but if you got a few wads of cash laying around and don't feel like troubling yourself with a mortgage, there are still several other high-profile properties on the rental market. From Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan's unit in the Patterson-McCormick Mansion to the Jerry Kleiner's off-the-wall West Town home, here are five noteworthy rentals on the market now:

? The Place: 1328 N. State Pkwy [Koenig & Strey]
The Price: $7,500 per month
The Skinny: Known as the Florsheim Mansion, this Gold Coast home was originally designed by architect Andrew Rebori, and it was later customized by Bertrand Goldberg. But the architectural star power hasn't translated into a sale — or a rental. Since September, the rental price has dropped from $8,750 to $7,500 per month.

? The Place: 1305 W. Waveland Ave. [D'Aprile Properties]
The Price: $7,900 per month
The Skinny: By any measure, ex-Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly's real estate portfolio (he owns 12 homes) is impressive, but he's had tough luck selling his Wrigleyville home since getting traded to the Dodgers. The 4BD, 4.2BA home is now priced about $300K below what he paid for in in 2007, and it's also available for rent.

? The Place: 2939 W. Catalpa Ave. [Dream Town]
The Price: $9,000 per month
The Skinny: Regular readers of this blog will surely recognize this very suburban Keck & Keck-designed home in Chicago's Budlong Woods neighborhood. After putting it on the market about two years ago, the owner dropped the price last month, but it still hasn't sold. And you know what that means: It's now for rent.

? The Place: 1500 North Astor Place #6 [Estate Properties]
The Price: $10,000 per month
The Skinny: Back in 2008, Billy Corgan, the bare-headed frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins, listed his 3,700-square-foot unit in the Patterson-McCormick Mansion for $5.5 million. After two and a half years and more than $2M in price reductions, it still hasn't sold, and the place has been listed for rent since last fall.

? The Place: 1424 W. Ohio St. [Coldwell Banker]
The Price: $16,000 per month
The Skinny: In February, restaurateur Jerry Kleiner put his wacky, colorful converted garage home in West Town on the market. Then a month later, he told Eater that he'd be "moving in a whole new direction in my life." The house still hasn't sold, though, and at $16,000 per month, it's one of the priciest rental options in town.