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Modern, Angular, Attached SFH Returns to Market in Evanston

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If you live in Evanston, or even if you've just passed through in the past 20-25 years, you'll probably recognize this home as the creation of architect Andy Spatz. Spatz is the force behind the pair of sharply-angled metal-clad houses at 1216-1220 Main St., known as METALhouse 1 and 2, as well as a few other striking commercial and residential buildings (see some of his work here). Partly because of the white siding, this home at 1610 Dempster St. is slightly less brash than either of the METALhouses, but it's obviously one of their siblings. Built in 1997, the house is actually attached to the 1900s farmhouse next door, but the owner tells Curbed that it feels like a detached single-family.

The 2,610-square-foot home has 20-foot angled ceilings in the living room, a big backyard, an attached garage, and a "locker-room sized" master bathroom, according to the listing. The current owner says he loves the place, but that he's moving with his family further out in the 'burbs. They tested the market back in 2008 at $419,900, and although they got some offers in the $360K range, they held back and took it off the market. Last week, the home was relisted for $349,900.
· Listing: 1610 Dempster St., Evanston [Shai Town Realty]
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