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Architect David Haid's Award-Winning Evanston Home For Sale

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Evanston's upper-bracket housing stock is largely dominated by stately Tudors and Victorians, but modernism isn't completely absent in the northern 'burb. Here's one example that's actually wedged between a couple of big Victorians, just two blocks west of the beach. The home, built in 1968, was designed by architect David Haid, who lived there until his death in 1993. Haid worked with Mies van der Rohe, and he designed the auto pavilion for the Ferris Bueller house in Highland Park. The home has nine-foot ceilings throughout, terrazio floors, new kitchen appliances, and a large back yard that's surrounded with a brick wall. The home last sold for $735,000 in 1994, and it's currently listed for $1.1 million.
· Listing: 1221 Michigan Ave., Evanston [@properties]