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Hyde Park Site of Scrapped High-Rise to Be Parking Lot for Now

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Last week, Antheus Capital revealed what they plan to do with the empty lot at 53rd and Cornell, the site where L3 Development previously sought to build a residential high-rise. So, will Hyde Park be getting another Jeanne Gang-designed high-rise? Nope. Antheus doesn't have plans to build anything big there — not yet, at least. Instead, they'll use the site for a surface parking lot that will serve the two rental high-rises just down the street, Del Prado and East Park Tower. Peter Cassel from Antheus/MAC Properties tells Curbed that the site will be used as a surface lot for the next 18-24 months while the developer figures out what to build there. He says the company's main goal is to ultimately add continuous retail along 53rd street, and also to provide parking for those two nearby rental buildings. Antheus presented their plan to Hyde Park residents a couple weeks ago, and according to the Hyde Park Herald, the meeting was "mildly combative," with residents requesting a larger parking structure. That Herald article also says that Cassel told residents that Antheus would consider building a seven-story parking structure with ground-level retail at that meeting. We'll just have to wait and see.
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