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Lofty 2BD with the Promise of Lighter Traffic on Elston for $285K

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In the market for some new digs, but don't have a sky-high budget? Join the club — The Under 300K Club.

Businesses and homeowners located near the intersection of Fullerton, Damen and Elston probably have mixed feelings about CDOT's plan to alleviate traffic congestion by rerouting Elston Avenue. Business owners like WhirlyBall and Midtown Tennis Club can't be happy that the city is seizing their property to make way for the new road, but homeowners on Elston are probably looking forward to a day when traffic on their street isn't at a perpetual standstill. But will the traffic situation improve so much to be a selling point for homes along Elston? One agent apparently thinks so. "Plans to re-route Elston will create quiet street access and park in 2013," says the listing for this 2BD, 2BA duplex at 2368 N. Elston. (What park are they talking about? That little triangle of green at the intersection?) The 1,600-square-foot unit has been on the market for about a month, and it's currently priced at $284,900 (parking not included).
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