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Failed Lakeview Condo Development Leaves a Stump Behind

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A few weeks ago, a reader asked about an abandoned construction site on Melrose Street, near Lake Shore Drive, in Lakeview. We weren't familiar with the site, but while making the rounds recently, we swung by the 400 block of Melrose and encountered the remains of a failed condo development at 434 W. Melrose. The trail is pretty cold on the web, save for a more than five-year-old YoChicago post and an old listing. Even back then, when construction was beginning, there wasn't much information about the development, which might have something to do with its ultimate failure. The 10-story building was to be called 'HarborView,' and it was to have 26 two-bedroom condos. Marion Hill was the developer, and the building was supposed to have been completed in autumn 2006. A faded construction permit from 2008 is still posted at the site, and it covers foundation work, which is about all that was ever completed there.
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