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Price of 'Green' Home in Lincoln Park Drops $950K in 7 Months

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Here, we have a modern, newer-construction home in a fancy section of Lincoln Park with a plummeting price tag. More than anything, though, we're curious about the home's green features. The listing describes it as "ECO LUXURY," and says it has green roofs, bamboo flooring, permeable pavers, and solar panels to heat the hot water. Photos of the two roofs — on the garage and the main home — are included in the listing, and neither of them appear to have a green roof. The garage has a couple of planters on its roof, but that isn't really the same thing; the main roof appears to have a deck with some large fake boulders. Also: Where are those solar panels? We aren't quite ready to break out the 'greenwashing' tag for this one, but it certainly does raise some questions. Either way, buyers aren't buying it (at least at that price range). The price has dropped $950,000 since it hit the market last fall, and it's now priced at $1.65 million.
· Listing: 2257 N. Magnolia Ave. [Luxe Marketing & Sales]