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Suburban House Has a 9-Hole Mini Golf Course in the Back Yard

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Last week, we peeked into restaurateur Jerry Kleiner's backyard, which he converted into a big putting green. A backyard putting green is a little bit out of the ordinary, but it's not the weirdest. That title belongs to this Highland Park home, where the back yard has been converted into a nine-hole miniature golf course, complete with little lawn ornaments. It's definitely a place that will only appeal to a very specific buyer, and that buyer is someone who desperately wants to kick ass at mini golf. And get this: The home just went under contract! After $300,000 in price reductions, a buyer apparently made an offer on the home, which was priced at $699,000 (although the sale hasn't closed yet). From the aerial photo, we can see that the mini golf course and the basketball court next to it are circumscribed by a paved path. We can only hope that's for go-karts.
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