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Chicago's Greenest New Building is a... Produce Warehouse?

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The Plant has been getting a lot of press attention these days — and it's well-deserved — but just down the street there's another interesting building with some serious green cred. Testa Produce celebrated the grand opening of its new distribution center in Back of the Yards last month. The building, designed by Epstein, is the first industrial building to achieve LEED Platinum, and it features a 45,000-square-foot barreled vegetated roof designed by Roofmeadow that apparently spills over the edge of the building into a green wall. The facility also has 'bio-swales,' or live wetlands, that capture and clean stormwater runoff. The building is powered by a 238-foot, freestanding wind turbine, and solar panels heat all of the building's water. For more on the distribution center, follow the links below.
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