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Conceptual (and Vague) Edgewater Park Video Released

CORRECTION: We received word from Thomas Denney with Covert Design Studio that his firm -- not SOM, as we originally reported -- produced the video and image shown here. We're still waiting to see what SOM produces.

The second you see those floating green orbs for trees, you know that this video of the Edgewater Medical Center site from Skidmore Owings and Merrill Covert Design Studio will be a bit abstract. Then the rust-colored monopoly houses start falling from the sky. There isn't much takeaway from the video, other than a crude look at what the site would look like without buildings. (What did you expect at this early stage for a park proposal that lacks money and support from the city?) But it sure looks like a great place to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's! Friends of West Edgewater Park is hosting a design charrette at 1609 W. Gregory this afternoon about the proposed park. More details at their website.

· Animation Video, Drawings [Friends of West Edgewater Park]
· Design Charrette Monday June 27th, 4pm-8pm [Friends of West Edgewater Park]