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Case Study: What Not To Do with Leftover Fabric

There are lots of fun, craftsy projects you can undertake if you've got a ream of dark, heavily-patterned fabric sitting around. You could reupholster a chair, or make some curtains, or maybe even a tablecloth. Draping a room, from floor to ceiling, with the stuff isn't at the top of the list (and it probably isn't the best way to show off a pricey apartment). But hey, to each his (or her) own! Some other interesting touches in this 45th-floor River North condo: In the bedroom, we have some Tyson Chandler-esque leopard-print carpeting, and the living room is adorned with fire-engine-red paint. The current owners bought the 1,800-square-foot unit for $570,000 back in 1998, and they're now trying to sell it for $809,000.
· Listing: 100 E. Huron St. #4504 [Prudential Rubloff]