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A Double-Decker Secret Garden in Lincoln Park

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It's Curbed Outdoors Week, folks, and we've got our eye out for unique outdoor spaces. This one certainly fits the bill. Coldwell Banker agent Jenny Ames sent along these photos of the backyard at an old rowhouse in Lincoln Park with two levels of lush outdoor space. At ground level, mature trees grow out of vine-covered beds, but the fun doesn't stop there. A spiral staircase takes you up to the two large second-story decks that are connected by a narrow catwalk. The second floor of the home also has a small greenhouse, which is connected to the deck, so you can exercise your green thumb year-round. The place has an interesting story, too; according to the listing, the home was built in 1879, and it was once owned by Chicago's first mayor, William B. Ogden. It's now priced at $900K.
· Listing: 919 W. Wisconsin St. [Coldwell Banker]