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Developer Dreaming of Mall, 100-Story Tower at Old Post Office

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Two years have elapsed since British developer Bill Davies purchased the Main Post Office building at Congress and Canal, and we still don't know what he plans to do with the enormous (2.5M-square-foot) old building. But according to a firewalled Crain's story, the man doesn't lack ideas or imagination. Davies is rumored to be interested in building an enormous shopping mall with as many as 10,000 free parking spaces, a 100-story office tower, and possibly another residential tower and hotel. The developer recently acquired the property directly east of the old post office, which fronts the river, and he has looked into purchasing Franklin Point and another large property just west of the Post Office. All of this of course still falls into the fantasy/hypothetical realm, but we should soon have a better idea of what Davies is cooking up: His zoning attorney tells Crain's that he plans to file development plans with the city within a month.
· Bill Davies looks to expand Old Main Post Office redevelopment to nearby properties (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) [Crain's]