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Dueling Backyard Waterfalls on Castlewood Terrace in Uptown

Castlewood Terrace is home to some of the North Side's most impressive homes, so we weren't surprised to find a big, gushing waterfall cascading through the backyard of this hundred-year-old house at 905 W. Castlewood. We were a little startled, however, to find that the house across the street, at 910 W. Castlewood (also built in 1911), is also home to a pretty sizable backyard waterfall. This raises some questions: Are waterfalls and koi ponds commonplace on Castlewood Terrace, or are these two exceptions? And is this truly a case of keeping up with the Joneses, or were the bubbling brooks installed a century ago, when each of the homes were built? For now, we'll leave those alone, but you can help us solve the more pressing question: Which of the two waterfalls reigns supreme?

? House #1: 905 W. Castlewood Ter.
The Waterfall: A long, multi-tiered cascade-style waterfall, flanked by some nice plantings, it seems to fit well with its surroundings, and it has a natural look to it. The waterfall appears to anchor the corner of a beautifully-landscaped yard, and the cascade leads to a small koi pond surrounded by flagstones.

?House #2: 910 W. Castlewood Ter.
The Waterfall: It actually looks like there are two, almost side-by-side waterfalls here. While the waterfall at the place across the street goes for a natural look, this one is a little more ostentatious and artificial-looking (we can, after all, see the plastic poking out). But who are we kidding? This is Uptown, not the Alps, and that backyard looks gorgeous.

So what's your pick, Curbed reader? Take a gander at each, and let us know which Castlewood waterfall is the finest of them all.

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