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Midcentury Home in Glencoe Transformed into Contempo Crib

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Look around the interior of this home in Glencoe, which recently came back on the market, and there's very little to suggest that it was built in 1954. The seller, Bob Chase, spent several years completely overhauling the house, opening up the ceiling in the living room to create a lofty feeling, and installing a floating box that serves as an office above it. "This is a box that floats, literally, in the middle of the room — and when I say floats, it floats on two steel beams that actually hang off of the outside walls of the home," says Chase, explaining the floating box feature in a video. Another unique feature: To access the old garage, which is now a poolside cabana / studio, you walk through a tunnel that goes under the yard. The 5BD, 5.5BA house sits on a half-acre lot with a pool. In 2009, the home was priced at $3.25 million; this week, it was relisted for $2.59 million.
· Listing: 151 Park Ave., Glencoe [Coldwell Banker]
· Video: Open House Tour, 151 Park Ave., Glencoe [LXTV]