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$6.1-Million Lincoln Park Mansion Seeks LEED Platinum

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Does a 7,000-square-foot home really deserve to call itself eco-friendly? Is a home with an indoor pool (even if it is just a little one) really good for the environment? We'll leave that up to the folks with the checklists at USGBC, but this jumbo rehab project in Lincoln Park is shooting for LEED Platinum, according to the listing. What makes it so green? The listing says the house has geothermal heating and cooling, which feeds into the 17-zone radiant floor heating system. And the home's water supply and 'endless' pool are heated with solar panels. Spiffy. The home also has a 5-stop elevator, a big wine cellar in the basement, and a coach house. With all of that, it still looks less flashy than most homes in the same price range (it's currently listed at a whopping $6.1 million).
· Listing: 2015 N. Cleveland Ave. [@properties]