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Prentice Added to 'Most Endangered' List; 'Save Prentice' Rally

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation included Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital on its list of the nation's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places today, putting some more weight behind efforts to save the cloverleaf from demolition. Of course, adding Prentice to the list doesn't actually protect it from the wrecking ball, but if you like statistics, this one might lift your spirits: According to Crain's, only seven sites added to the list have ever been demolished. Want to show your support for the building? Take an early lunch and head over to the 'Save Prentice' rally, which will be held this morning at 10:45 AM at the intersection of McClurg and Huron in Streeterville.
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Prentice Women's Hospital

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