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Preservationists Put On Rally Caps, Show Support for Prentice

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A few dozen Bertrand Goldberg enthusiasts showed up to the 'Save Prentice' rally in Streeterville this morning in an effort to save the unique building that Northwestern University seeks to destroy. Curbed was on the scene, and we also received some photos from reader Nate Lielasus, which can be seen in the above slide show. There were colorful, hand-made signs; there were speeches by Jim Peters from Landmarks Illinois, Vince Michael, Jonathan Fine and Zurich Esposito; there was some chanting (just a bit); and there were adorable children sporting "I Was Born at 'Old' Prentice" T-shirts. It was a display that would tug at the heart strings of even the most cynical of developers. But will it actually change anyone's mind? Prentice backers are targeting Alderman Reilly, who, after getting a 60-day demolition hold, has been mum on the building, and Mayor Emanuel, who hasn't taken a stance on it either. Want to show your support for Prentice? Sign the petition. Got more photos of the Prentice rally? Share them with the Curbed Flickr pool.
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Prentice Women's Hospital

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