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A 3BD Apartment with Vintage Details in Rogers Park for $2K/mo

Looking for a large, vintage apartment on a budget? Rogers Park is probably a good place to start your search. We spotted this 2,000-square-foot unit, located near the beach and Loyola Park, on Craigslist, and were rather taken by some of the details, although we aren't quite sold on the "not just an apartment, a work of art" rhetoric in the ad. It definitely needs to be cleaned up a bit, but the potential is there. The stained glass drop ceiling in the dining room is pretty neat (but that bubblegum-colored sofa is another story altogether), and the place also has a couple of built-ins and carved leather molding around the fireplace (a great place to keep a mini-fridge). The bathrooms are newer, and they don't really jibe with the rest of the place. The 3BD, 2BA unit is renting for $1,995 per month.
· Not Just An Apartment, A Work Of Art [Craigslist]