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Does the 'Path of Gentrification' Still Lead to East Garfield Park?

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We know, we know. You're probably thinking, "Gentrification in East Garfield Park? Have you been frozen in Carbonite for the past five years?" Let's explain: An ad on Craigslist makes the claim, describing a 3BD garden apartment at 3518 W. Adams as being in the "hottest area in East Garfield Park," and "located directly in the path of gentrification heading westward from the Loop." The supporting evidence? A March 6, 2007 issue of Business Week that described the West Side 'hood as one of the nation's up-and-coming neighborhoods. That, apparently, was a pretty common perception back in '07, but Chicago's gentry doesn't seem to be staking out too much territory in East Garfield Park these days. In the reader poll we ran back in November, the neighborhood netted just 1.7 percent of the vote (behind Little Village, McKinley Park, Woodlawn, and others). Does that mean this is a bad place to live? Not at all, but $950/mo for a garden apartment does seem rather steep.
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