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Uptown Alderman to Developer: Adjust Plans, Or Forget It

It's back to the drawing board for Sedgwick Properties. The votes have been counted after Tuesday's community meeting, with Uptown residents voting against the proposed Lake View Station mega-development by an overwhelming margin of 488 to 27 (another 32 voted to support the project, but with stipulations). From Ald. Cappleman's website:

"Given the input from the community and Uptown United, it's clear to me that we cannot go forward with this project as presented. Sedgwick Properties has requested a meeting with a representative from Uptown United, some concerned neighbors, and community planning experts from the community to explore other possible plan modifications that reflect community input."According to Blair Kamin, the developers have told Cappleman that they still plan to "bring this project forward." If they do return with a modified plan, it'll have to look significantly different from the current one in order to win over Uptown residents.
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