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Pair of Old East Village Buildings To Be Torn Down for Condos

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A couple of handsome old three-story buildings on a historic stretch of Wood Street are set to be demolished soon to make way for new condo buildings. Should preservationists chain themselves to the front steps? Probably not, but it is a bummer. The East Village Association blog first announced the news yesterday. According to EVA, these will be the fourth and fifth vintage buildings to be demolished on Wood in the East Village in the past month. While taking these photos yesterday, we ran into a neighbor who said the roof of the building at 814 N. Wood (at left) was damaged and that rain had been pouring in. The developer apparently determined that both buildings would be too expensive to rehab. Demolition is set to take place within the next week, and then construction will begin on a new six-flat and a three-flat. We haven't seen renderings of those buildings yet. The good news: Some of the window framing will be made into benches, and other architectural details will be used in nearby community gardens.
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