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Work Continues on Del Prado; Demo Underway at The Sutherland

Over the winter, we visited Hyde Park to get an inside look at some of the big apartment buildings that Antheus Capital is rehabbing, including the Shoreland and Del Prado hotels. In the months since, we haven't heard too much about those developments, but the current edition of the Hyde Park Herald offers a wholesale update on all of Antheus' major rehab and new-construction projects.

The Del Prado: Work is moving forward, and tenants are scheduled to start moving into the 13-story building in August.

The Sutherland: Interior demolition is underway at the old hotel with the historic jazz club. The building, located at 47th and Drexel, will return to the market with 107 rental apartments, and there we've heard hints that the jazz club might reopen as well.

The Shoreland: Despite earlier reports that interior demolition would begin in March, demolition still hasn't begun. "The progress may be slow because plans call for excavating for an underground parking garage," reports The Herald.

Solstice on the Park: Still no news to report. The condo market probably isn't coming back anytime soon, and although Antheus still plans to build it, it almost certainly won't be happening this year.

Village Center: Peter Cassel from Antheus tells The Herald that the soonest they could begin building the large mixed-use development would be fall 2012. Read more about the plans here.

53rd/Cornell Development Site: Back in November it was reported that Antheus was planning to buy this prime development site, but the deal still hasn't gone through. When it does, the developer will use it for surface parking, "while it hashes out a more ambitious plan for the site," according to The Herald. (Here's what the previous developer had planned for that site.)