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Half-Finished West Garfield Park Board-Up Drops to $65K

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Anybody in the market for an enormous, half-finished (and probably badly damaged) board-up in West Garfield Park? You're in luck: The price on this 5,800-square-foot behemoth just dropped by $60K, bringing it down to $65,000. (That's just $11 per square foot!) "Owner to sell as is or will sell next spring with the work comleted (sic)," says the listing. Doesn't look like that ever happened. The home needs, as industry folks might put it, a little TLC. In October, Joe Askins from YoChicago noted that the current owner bought the place for just $54,000 and tried to flip it for $124,900. A commenter on that post identifying himself as a city inspector claimed that the construction was shoddy, and that building was badly damaged from a burst pipe and a leaky roof. If that's true, then what you're looking at is a $65,000 teardown.
· Listing: 4317 W. Lexington St. [Coldwell Banker]
· New-construction fixer-upper with 5,800 square feet in W. Garfield Park [YoChicago]