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A Stylish Four-Bedroom Bungalow in Portage Park for $600K

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Bungalows are sturdy and practical, but they aren't always the sexiest homes. This one, which recently hit the market in Portage Park, does have some fashion sense, though. (There's a four-foot-tall Chanel poster in the living room, for God's sake!) The kitchen has a pretty sleek midcentury-modern look to it, and the master bath has some funky button-tufted doors. Add all that to the elaborate woodworking in the living room, the plaster patterning & crown molding on the ceilings, and the pair of big fireplaces, and you have a pretty bitchin' bungalow. The 3,500-square-foot home also has a poker-themed basement and a two-car garage. The place sold for $580,000 a year ago, and it's currently priced at $599,900.
· Listing: 5501 W. Cullom Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]