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Bucktown House with Creeptastic Dungeon is Back on the Market, Now for $1.25M Less than '08 Price

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Who's ready to 'surge into the red zone'? It shouldn't come as any surprise that the price has changed on this Bucktown house. After all, Redfin charts no fewer than 80 price changes since the home hit the market about three years ago. The place actually went under contract in November, but the sale apparently fell through, and it returned to the market last week, reduced by another $325,000. This house ran away with the Most Hideous award at the 2010 Curbed Awards, mainly because of that dungeon lair. But the place isn't all Medieval Times; the upstairs is modern, minimal and deeeluxe (see this video for a full tour.) It's now priced at $1.39 million — down from $2.64 million in 2008.
· Listing: 1738 N. Winchester St. [Property Consultants]
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