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Ravenswood Station Stalled; Principals Giving Off 'Bad Vibes'

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Looks like Ravenswood Station's fortunes are on the skids. Last year, Sears (the current landowner) and Magellan Development announced that they'd be partnering up on a retail development next to the Ravenswood Metra station at Lawrence. "But not much has happened since then, and the principals in the deal are giving off bad vibes," reports David Roeder for the Sun-Times. The two parties apparently couldn't agree on a price for the 6.5-acre parcel, and now Magellan veep Brian Gordon tells Roeder that the development is "on hiatus." That's a shame, because the development sounded like a winner. Roundy's had agreed to open an 80,000-square-foot Mariano's Fresh Market to go with a fitness center and a large parking garage, and the neighborhood seemed to be on board.
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