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For $1.3M, A Lincoln Park Home with Bedouin Tent Decor

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Hey, big spender: Looking for a house in Lincoln Park that's different from all the rest? We've got just the place for you! On Dickens, just east of Clybourn, there are a couple of oddly-shaped, sculptural houses that were built in the early '90s, one of which just hit the market. This being Lincoln Park, it's a pretty pricey home. That part is not surprising; it's the interior decor that's a bit out of the ordinary. The walls of several rooms are completely covered with silk scarves and drapes, making the place feel sort of like a Bedouin tent. We'll keep the sports-themed kids room with the baseball bed, though. That is awesome. According to the listing, the current owner bought the home for $1.45 million in 2003 and added $250,000 worth of work to the place, which is odd, because it doesn't look like it's been modified much at all since the early '90s. It can be yours for $1.3 million.
· Listing: 1249 W. Dickens Ave. [Keller Williams]