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Spring Thaw Brings a Flood of New Sales at Aqua

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We were somewhat surprised to learn that 62 condos were still on the market in Aqua from Dennis Rodkin's Deal Estate column last week. After all, the Jeanne Gang-designed tower has been one of the most talked about additions to the skyline in recent memory. But in the week since Rodkin published his report there's been a flurry of activity in the upper floors of the 82-story high-rise. Buyers have closed on six condos — mostly two-bedrooms — in the past week, the most expensive of which was a 2BD, 2.5BA on the 80th floor that went for $850,775. Leila Zammatta from Magellan tells us that in recent weeks buyers and lenders have been getting off the fence and pulling the trigger.

· Work is moving forward on the Radisson Blu hotel that'll fill the lower 18 floors of Aqua. A new website has been launched for the hotel, which is set to open in the fall, and it'll include an Italian restaurant/bar called Filini.

· A French brasserie (name unknown) recently signed a lease at Village Market. Other tenants include a Three Forks steakhouse, which is scheduled to open in August, a Mariano's Fresh Market supermarket, which is set to open in September, and Black Coffee Gallery coffee shop.

· A preschool will open in the base of The Tides this fall.


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