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John Ronan's Poetry Foundation Building Awaits its Dark Screen

The Mansueto Library isn't the only new show-stopper devoted to books and letters. The scaffolding is down at architect John Ronan's new Poetry Foundation facility in River North. In recent years, Ronan has treated the South Side neighborhood of Grand Crossing to a pair of brash, brightly-colored buildings (Gary Comer Youth Center, and Gary Comer College Prep). But for the Poetry Foundation, Ronan eschewed bright colors and instead opted to sheath the building — and the tree-filled courtyard — in a perforated black screen. "There are aspects of the building that are very much like a poem, and try to be like a poem," said Ronan last year. "It's not a building that's a one-liner. It's not something you see right away. You might have to go back to it two or three times." We'll have to go back at least once more to see the finished product.
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Poetry Foundation

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