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West Loop, Near Kennedy Expy, Poised for Construction Boom

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Is it just us, or is the West Loop / Fulton River (or, as some have taken to calling it, the "New Loop"), near the Kennedy Expressway, poised for a major construction boom? We count no less than six major commercial (The Gateway, 625 W. Adams, 108 N. Jefferson) and residential (Catalyst, 1 S. Halsted, 353 N. Halsted) developments that have been proposed recently within a block or two of the superhighway. Of course, some of these towers probably won't be built immediately, but they all seem like serious proposals. If they do all get built, the area around the expressway will likely feel much more like an extension of the Loop. Tonight, the Fulton River District Association will be hosting a community meeting to discuss 625 W. Adams (slides 3-5 above), a proposed 22-story office tower next to the Old St. Patrick's Church. Like the nearby office tower planned for 108 N. Jefferson, the building is designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz. To see what that building might look like in the context of the West Loop, check out the mock-up produced by the fine folks over at the Chicago Architecture Blog.
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· Community meeting by Ald. Fioretti for 22-story office building [FRDA]