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A Funky Outlier at the Edge of the Industrial Corridor for $469K

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At the edge of the industrial corridor on Hubbard Street, just west of Ashland, there are a few homes, mostly small cottages and shabby old rowhouses — and then there's this, a funky, newer home with a flair for triangular windows. The place was built 10 years ago, and it came back on the market over the weekend. The agent describes it as a "dramatic home with unique flowing architecture" in the listing copy. With all those sharp angles, "flowing" isn't the first adjective that comes to mind when viewing it from the street, but surely they're referring to the open floor plan. And all those windows probably create a venue for some interesting light play at different times of day (view interior photos here). The home has three beds, 3.5 baths, and a large deck and backyard overlooking some light industrial stuff. Break-ins must be an issue around those parts, because the listing says it comes with DVR security cameras and an intercom system. The home was listed for $499,900 on Friday, but after sleeping on it over the weekend, the seller decided to start a bit lower, at $469,900. (It's "PRICED TO SELL!!!" per the listing.)
· Listing: 1617 W. Hubbard St. [Sergio & Banks]