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Vintage 5BD, 3.5BA in Lakeview, Dirty Laundry Not Included

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There's a pretty standard set of guidelines for staging a for-sale home (remove clutter, put away dirty laundry, turn off the TV, etc.). But when you get into rental listings, especially on Craigslist, those rules are heaved out the window. This is probably a pretty nice apartment (they are, after all, charging $3,345 per month for the place) but it takes a vivid imagination to try to visualize it without heaps of dirty laundry and clutter everywhere. The ad mentions a built-in China hutch, and that, presumably, is what the photo at right is meant to showcase. Give the listing agent credit for knowing his target demographic, though: He mentions that Binny's is nearby in the subject line.
· Listing: 859 Fletcher #1, Chicago, IL [Craigslist]