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Is This the Best Roof Deck in River North?

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That's what the listing claims, and judging from the photos, it's hard to argue. The 2,500-square-foot "private rooftop oasis" is the ultimate entertaining space — most restaurants in River North don't have al fresco space that could match this. But with all that space (and all that seating), wouldn't it feel a bit lonely when you aren't entertaining? The jumbo roof deck is attached to a 3,300-square-foot condo at the top of a seven-story building at 742 N. Lasalle (the Yoga Now building). The unit features an enormous wine cellar, and in recent weeks the sellers have been hosting wine tastings during open house. The place is priced at $2.05 million, and it has been on the market since mid-September.
· Listing: 742 N. LaSalle St. #7 [City-Suburban Realty]