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Enormous Arlington Heights Treehouse Rankles Neighbors

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It all started when an Arlington Heights man, at the request of his eight-year-old son, got to work building a backyard treehouse. But this wasn't just any old treehouse; when he put his tools away, Joe Belmonte ended up with a two-story treehouse that has a wraparound deck. Sounds like a pretty sweet after-school hangout, but the neighbors weren't so keen on it, according to TribLocal. One neighbor called it a "monstrosity," and several others have complained. People took such an interest in this one jumbo treehouse, the Arlington Heights village code was amended to regulate the structures. From TribLocal:

"Based on the new rules, adopted Monday, a treehouse can now be up to 15 feet tall but no taller than the home on the same lot. Treehouses also cannot be larger than 100 square feet and must be at least 10 feet away from the home and 5 feet from the lot line."Seems pretty reasonable. But because Belmonte's monstrosity predates the new code, it will remain.
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