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Five Proposed Towers that Haven't Taken Flight

We've been keeping close tabs on an ever-expanding list of high-rises — mostly apartment towers — that have been proposed recently. But now let's take a look back at a few of the towers that were floated before the current apartment frenzy. We haven't heard much about these buildings in recent months, and although none of them have officially been cancelled, they all appear to be on the back-burner.

1. The Building: 253 S. Wacker Dr.
The Skinny: One of the most interesting designs floated in the post-boom era, Adrian Smith came up with the concept for this futuristic, 50-story hotel that would be located right next to the Willis Tower. Smith's plan called for a 'net zero' building that would have wind turbines built into the building, a 'solar deck' on the roof, and sky gardens throughout the building.

2. The Building: 375 E. Wacker Dr.
The Skinny: About four years ago, Magellan Development announced plans to build a 76-story tower with a gaping hole in it, designed by the Miami-based firm Arquitectonica. "We were ready to go. Thank God we never started," said Magellan co-CEO James Loewenberg of the building in an interview last summer. "A great market opportunity, in the next two or three years, after you get through the overhanging inventory." With Magellan now moving forward on a different BKL-designed tower, this design appears to be on the back-burner.

3. The Building: 6400 S. Stony Island
The Skinny: Originally floated several years ago, this glassy, 40-story high-rise has been popular on the message boards. VOA Associates came up with the design, and according to the VOA website, it was originally planned as a condo building. It certainly would bring something different to Woodlawn, a neighborhood dominated by two- and three-story walkups.

4. The Building: 519 S. Clinton St.
The Skinny: The location is a bit odd (in the borderland between the South Loop and University Village), but the design from Hartshorne Plunkard looks pretty snappy. Plans, which were first presented about a year ago, call for 276 apartments in the 33-story tower, and a large, multi-colored garage.

5. The Building: 151 N. Michigan Ave.
The Skinny: In 2007, BJB Partners proposed building this 40-story apartment tower alongside the existing Millennium Park Plaza building at Michigan and Randolph. It didn't get off the ground then, but there's a distinct possibility that it'll join the crowd of new apartment towers in the next year or two. It certainly is a desirable location. Original plans called for just 76 apartments in the skinny, Solomon Cordwell Buenz-designed high-rise.