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Take in the View from Trump Tower's 89th-Floor Penthouse

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Last week, we had the pleasure of touring (read: getting lost in) the penthouse atop Chicago's Trump Tower. Originally, Donald Trump had planned to keep the 14,260-square-foot unit to himself, but when the market went south he decided to put it on the market, and there it has sat since the tower was completed in 2009. When Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin toured the unit a couple of years ago, he suggested that an NBA seven-footer with buckets of money snap up the place. Indeed, with 16-foot ceilings, you could easily convert one of the living rooms into a half-court and shoot hoops in there. The unit is unfinished, and the only thing in there, aside from windows and drywall, is a workman's sink, which had to be installed in order to get a certificate of occupancy. Without any furniture or even doors, it feels like a maze in the 7BD, 6BA unit. Like the rest of Trump Tower, the penthouse is all about the view, and even though it was cloudy when we visited, you could still see the whole city and beyond. Sales agent Kiyoko Binosi says they've gotten several offers on the unit since it hit the market, but none of them were able to actually come up with the money to seal the deal. The place is now priced at $30 million.
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Trump International Hotel & Tower

401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611