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West Town's Most Over-the-Top Loft Reduced by $100K

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Agents have been telling us that the market for luxury homes has been heating up, but what about the market for completely over-the-top party pads? If this West Town loft is any indication, it's not looking quite so hot. Then again, this is the sort of home that'll probably only appeal to a certain buyer. It comes with eight parking spaces, a fireman's pole, and a bunch of other unusual details. The kitchen sink is crafted from an oil drum, and the faucet is a gas hose. There's also a large punching bag in the kitchen, just in case, you know, you want to get out some extra aggression while doing dishes. And if you happen to have a large collection of neon beer signs kicking around, this looks like a great place to display them (the current owner appears to have no fewer than 20). The 5,500-square-foot timber loft has been on and off the market since 2009. As recently as last fall, the place was priced at $899,999, but it has since been reduced to $749,999.
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