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West Loop Building, Full of Colorful, Sculptural Oddities, for $2.25M

A three-story building under the Lake Street 'L' tracks, just west of Halsted, hit the market yesterday, and it comes loaded with colorful, sculptural oddities. Parts of it look like something you might find in the Rainforest Cafe; other rooms look more like Jerry Kleiner's Carnivale. That's because the building is home to Kozan Design Studios, a company that builds furniture and displays for trade shows, theaters and theme parks. The company's influence is felt, both in the work space and the living quarters. In all, it looks like a pretty impressive live-work space (although some major modifications are probably in order). The building, which was built for the Hollenbach Seed Company in the 1890s, is 7,552 square feet, and it comes with a large basement and the adjacent 3,325-square-foot concrete parking lot. The price: $2.25 million.
· Listing: 808 W. Lake St. [Best Chicago Properties]